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Ice statues and carvings
Do the ice sculptures melt?
As sure as bears have fur!

So if they melt how long do they last?
In a room or even outside, the ice sculptures will retain their detail for around 6 hours... or the length of the average function. It's usual for the sculpture to take a couple of hours to reach zero degrees C at which point it then begins to melt.

How big are they?
Usually about a metre high although any size can be catered for. Generally the larger the sculpture, then the longer it will last and although fine detail can be carved into the work, we generally advise you to stick to strong bold shapes. These will weigh between 6-23 stone so make sure you have a sturdy table.

I know roughly what I want, but I can't find it on your list.
No problem- give us a rough idea or better- a picture- and we'll let you know how we can make it to last the length of your function. We have two rules when we carve an item big or small..

  • It must be safe.
  • It must last in good condition for a 6 hour event.
    We have a bank of around 2000 photos here of our previous work and we're always dealing with themed items so we can quickly come up with a sculpture/luge to suit.

    Where does all the water go?
    Drip trays are supplied with all of the sculptures which runs a tube into a bucket concealed below the table the sculpture is placed on. The trays are attractive in themselves.

    How much notice do you need?
    As much time as possible, most of our bookings are made 2 weeks in advance- but if you need ice sculptures at short notice and we can get it to you... we can usually manage something.

    How do I pay for one of these things to be delivered?
    All we need is a completed order form either faxed or emailed. Cash or cheque on delivery is required- or send us a post dated cheque in advance.

  • Ice statues and carvings

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