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Ice statues and carvings

Sculpture Prices

Please email or call us for a quote- just let us know the theme or item of interest and we'll get right back to you- deals always available.

Price Code A Generally table centres #
Price Code B Generally larger table centre pieces #
Price Code C Smaller luges and moulded buffet sculptures
Price Code D Simple single block pieces
Price Code E 2 Numbers/2 Letters/torso luges Weight 9-12 stone
Price Code F Main single block pieces Weight 9 - 12 stone
Price Code F+ Complicated pieces
Price Code G Bigger pieces- generally 1.5 blocks Weight 12-16 stone
Price Code H Generally 2 block pieces - weight 20 stone+

# Minimum order of 6 if delivery is required - includes logo or common flower.

Ice Bar prices

Standard Ice Bar priced per metre
All bars capable of containing a logo/photo max 80cm wide x 40cm tall within front centre.
We'd need a hi rez jpeg printable at this size.
Add Snowfill Engraving to bar top or front.
Send any objects you like to us & we'll add these for free.
Add flowers ( season roses) to bar priced according to cost.

Added Options List

Delivery will be included in the quote. Anywhere in England or Wales inc setup- it's the same price.
Mains spot light will be included in the quote -perfect for luges/main sculptures.
Laminate logo- Just email over your artwork and we'll add to any sculpture/luge.
Snowfill engraving can be added to any ice sculpture- looks like white marker pen written on the ice.
Ice Cubes available in 12kg boxes -2 stone of pure ice cubes.
Shot Glasses- 50 shot glasses made from ice.

Tips & Advice- Lighting..
If you can- light the sculpture since it'll make a big difference. Take one of our light packs or provide one of your own. I've added a couple of images of the same sculpture lit and unlit below.

Ice statues and carvings Ice statues and carvings

Tips & Advice- Delivery..

Our vans are modern, clean, presentable and most importantly are fitted with freezer units which keep the ice really cold! Anywhere England or Wales is okay with us-Scotland or Europe please phone, the van will be on site around an hour before the party begins.

Ice statues and carvings Ice statues and carvings

Ice statues and carvings

More on ice and along with price
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